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Photographer Freddy Fox

Flowing light


Mists of the PInk Swamp

Fantasy photography by Freddy Fox

Dark Nature

Fasion, nature, model

A recent photoshoot in a dried creek bed in San Diego, California.

Ebb and Flow

The cove in La Jolla, California.

The cove in La Jolla, California. Model: Tina Franco

Sunset on the bay

Sunsets, San Diego

I was not on the bay to shoot the sunset as I did not expect one. A pleasant surprise to catch this moment however.

Mooring pier at night

Night shot of San Diego harbor at night from the  sailboat mooring inlet.

Black and white at night.

Black and white at night.

Leap of Faith

Fine art photography

Snowboarding Air

comp 1 regina

Into the light

Surreal fanasy edit

Vortex, into the light.

Beached angel

Freddy Fox Photography